Parzival by the Lake


Long time I looked for you and believed you lost

now I stand mute with joy, grey lake,

in the stillness of the early day and do not dare

to greet you.


Your shape looks tired in the bright robe

your eyes searching the width of the far shore

under the wide barrett, revealing you

as Lord of Peace.


Your arms are weak, your left hand holding the spear, your walking-staff through guiltful years.

The wind turbine, grown together with you, rotates silently in the wind of November.

I come close to you.


Your right hand, tired of the steel sword,

is holding protectively the ark.

Your are ready to expose them on the water

if he is calling you.


The birds take leave of you.

Their flight is your message in the wind.

I came close to you.


Friedrich Jäger


View from the Resort Mark Brandenburg, Neuruppin / Brandenburg, over the landing stage at Lake Ruppin.