The most beautiful

Fairy Tales &  Legends


and ancient customs


from the old county

"Grafschaft Ruppin"

 Collected and retold

by Dr. Jutta Amalie Zagon and

Matthias Zágon Hohl-Stein


77 illustrated pages



Karwe, 2014

„Gestaltung – Umgestaltung


des ewigen Sinnes


ewige Unterhaltung“




J. W. v. Goethe




The aim of the work was to present -  in a new format - the thirty most beautiful fairy tales and legends as well as customs of old-time

especially those from the old ‚County Ruppin‘

including inspiring illustrations.











Jede Quadratmeile märkischen Sandes, hat ebenso gut ihre Geschichte wie das Main und das Neckarland, nur erzählt und gefunden muss sie werden'


Every square mile of Brandenburg's sand has as well its story as the Main and the Neckar land, it just has to be told and found



Theodor Fontane